About Elise Noelle

Elise Noelle is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter who was born and raised in South Florida. Her style can be described as “pop music in denial”, “pop-structured” but thematically and melodically pulling from other styles of music such as jazz, R&B, and folk. Having begun her songwriting career as a poet, her lyrics tend to be very poetic, fluid, and honest, writing about nature, her loved ones and her friends, and things going on in her life. 

Having always been a fan of writing poetry and story-telling, she always had a way with words. It was one day in 2015 when she was sitting at home, that she came across the saying “music is just poetry, but put to lyrics”. This realization resonated with her, making her realize she could combine her two passions and began songwriting.

Flash forward, Elise Noelle is now writing music not only for herself but for other artists. She is currently working on recording her next project and has recently released her sophomore EP, "In The Clouds". She has and continues to, collaborate with other artists, one of which currently has approximately 38 thousand streams and counting on Spotify, a Christmas EP which was released at the beginning of December in 2018, as well as other miscellaneous projects.



Catch Me

Dj Damyo and Elise Noelle

Available Now On All Streaming Services (Aug. 2018)

Down 2 U

Dj Nanita and Elise Noelle

Available Now On All Streaming Services (Nov. 2018)

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