(Elise Noelle's) music is meant to hit home with people. ”

— The BEAT

Project Name

Elise Noelle is Here and There

Debut EP

With her soaring warm toned voice and desperate for love lyrics, Elise Noelle is a natural at setting up a romantic atmosphere like no other. She pulls in listeners with her heart wrenching melodies, allowing listeners to join her in falling in and out of love with every tune. Elise Noelle is a hopeless romantic who’s dealing with the never ending cycle of heartbreak.

Here and There, is an introductory EP to the sound that is Elise Noelle. The three song album, is full of love, heartache, longing, misery, anxieties, and so much more. She writes with angst and power, while trying to remain soft and full of light. Here and There is only a small taste of what’s to come. 

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